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April 10, 2008


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why the heck is this stock up. I lost 5k on HRB puts unless it unravels this next two weeks - the company has no book value and a business growing at 1% and it trades at 25 X the most rosy view of earnings. no one uses them for taxes if they have a brain and they pay way too much for office space.

HRB is truly a piece of crap. They will get theirs. Stay with that trade. I stayed with TMA for months and when it paid, it paid huge. HRB is up for same reason all the financials are up...they have to get some air under these stocks before the earnings reports come next week and wipe out everyone.

-No Pos. in HRB currently

Check out FED and DSL - their entire capital will be dwarfed by NPAs in the next few months. THe FDIC will have to shut them down.

If HRB is truly in trouble, then why does the Chairman (a former SEC chief) keep buying the heck out of the common? He bought another 2M shares filed yesterday... I don't know much about the situation, but that aspect by itself doesn't seem to add up.

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