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April 16, 2008


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Well, not everyone can say they lived through the fall of modern Rome. Americans just have not a clue to what is about to happen. I actually saw reports to day that the writing of derivatives is actually increasing.

Keep up the great work. Your work is very much appreciated.

Thanks for the support...just keep your head up when crossing the street because there is a tank headed our way.

Got to echo the comment from the first chap.I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to putting your clips out.Only people who've been on the inside of the industry could put this together into something manageable for non experts.

Your new blog can provide a resource list for each video you produce. A list of the Web site links referenced in each video, and even further research links for viewers would be a great addition.

You could tell viewers to pause the video, go to your blog and click the links to follow along as you present the information.

Wow MM-

Just found your site, and I am now AS addicted to it as I am to ML implode with my morning coffee every day.

You rock the house buddy!! We are all tired on the lies and re-arranging of proverbial deck chairs, and it is so refreshing to get more of an inside perspective delivered in layman's terms on so many topics.

It is definitely true that your average Joe six pack has NOOOOO idea how bad things are about to get.

Keep on rockin' in the FREE WORLD--We love ya man!

Well written post. Nice portrait and Topics Thanks for sharing. keep on posting. waiting for your next post.

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