April 16, 2008


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Mr. Mortgage, look at lot loans and home equity loans priced at 7% for the best borrowers.... the banks did not pass thru any of this years FF cuts... because they can't....

Please keep posting! I have been very impressed with your videos. I am hoping that by keeping abreast of all the macro/mortgage news with actual insights I'll be able to make better business and personal finance decisions. I really appreciate the time and dedication that you have shown.

Been following you for awhile. Just wanted to say "You Da MAN!!" Seriously, I have learned so much from you. Thanks

This is no story. How will this ever be
verifiable? And why should banks actually
give wrong numbers? Doesn't make any sense
to me.

I totally agree that this story was under-reported in the wake of the JPM, INTC non-earnings. This is so huge, yet most equity traders are completely oblivious to it. If there ever was an event that came out of left field, this would be it. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that banks were tinkering with htis rate, but it makes perfect sense. Hell, banks couldn't even get loans from other banks for a little while - Why would they only get 2-3% if there was a huge crisis of confidence? This story is bound to get bigger as the days pass. I am glad that you give this the respect it deserves.

This could be an ultimate 'Black Swan Event' if true.

ahh, since I am aware of what they have done in the past, I truly believe them capable of this too.

Enron and the other energy companies were doing this too, during the energy crisis. Reporting false trade prices and volumes to tweak the indices in their favor.

Changed my mind. LIBOR is moving up maybe based on these
rumors. So we will see an impact very soon.

Abolish the Federal Reserve, the private bank cartel.

It is a great news,I never had any idea related to this report.

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