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April 11, 2008


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Hey there, your blog is "stimulating" reading to say the least and I've appreciated your YouTube video series - thank you... You also seem a bit more in tune to the stock market day-to-day than the average mortgage-related observer. Are you actually trading these stocks, or just watching with interest from a safe distance?

They should fire that tail gunner Dennis Kneale & hire you & The Fly to set the public straight.

HA! you gotta be kidding me! thats freaking hilarious man!!!! i love this quote:

Hey, maybe CNBC (owned by GE) will have to fire Dennis Kneale in a cost-cutting measure.

that guy actually echoed your sentiments when he took a shot at Immelt jokingly saying if he is fired for what he said, he enjoyed the short time he was there.

and at the end when he finished ranting and taking his shot at Immelt "constructively" criticizing GE's performance throughout his tenure, the Anchor on with him told Kneale he had his dates wrong.

his face was priceless! that was freaking awesome!

I can't stand that pumper. He is such as waste of airtime other than today when he bashed GE.

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