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April 15, 2008


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With this kind of supply and very elastic demand I am not even sure if the supply-demand curve does in fact intersect :) ?

Monsieur Mortgage ... may I ask what your top five fave shorts are please?

Apres' le deluge?

Whoa Nellie! It looks like the predictions of a SECOND Great Depression are a possibility. I found amazing information at www.RunOnTheBank.Org

Our Mr. Paulson Secretary of the Treasury is probably celebrating with his pet snakes preparing for the next big bailout of Wall Street banks. He is formerly from Goldman Sachs, the inventor of the Collateralized Debt Obligation - CDO- that is helping Wall Street insiders increase their wealth.

I do live in California and do not think me racist but I have noticed that there are fewer Hispanics. I think now that they can't get jobs in gardening and construction they can not make payments on those houses and have decided to just go home. No one is staying in the abandoned houses so where did the people go.
I have read on GEAB (2020Leap/GEAB)they feel as if this whole thing is going collaspe in September and that the 401k system is in trouble and by the end of year there will be problems all over the globe regarding the 401k investment program.
I think this whole thing is going to be our worst nightmare, can't get to work can't afford gas, have to eat beans and rice (if you can find rice) because the truck drivers can't afford to fill tanks to get the food to the stores, cities going bankrupt. Can't afford to heat the house in the winter 500 and 600 gas bills.
This is reaching every area of commerce. The number of people who will be going out of business will be a nightmare. Restaurants will be hit hard. Non necessary businesses will be shutting down, all areas of construction and home improvement will be hit hard. Electronics won't be moving off the shelves. Movie theaters will get hit hard because who has an extra 30 dollars for two people for one movie. People are going to cut back on everything that they can't eat. Tons of unwanted pets in the dog pound. Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

living simply, indeed VERY simply, is morphing from option to necessity; face it, the middle class and levels below it borrowed from the future over the last 15 years or so, in order to live a lifestyle that their incomes did not justify - high ceilinged homes, big trucks, extravagent vacations...now balance is returning, but we have to pay back what we have already spent...the excess air is coming out of the airhead culture that we have created and allowed to dominate our lives. Time for each of us to decide, Morpheus...red pill or blue pill?

I well remember the crash of the '80's and this one coming up looks to be much worse. There are only thre things to do....

Get out of debt

Stockpile some food and water

Buy a gun if you don't already own one.

why get out of debt? I'd say get into more debt and save your cash and buy gold & silver.

Then default on your loans when the run on banks begin.

Screw the credit card companies!!

If you own land, whats wrong w/share cropping? as long as you can trust your pard? any advice?

b. w.


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